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What is Property, Estate & Household Management in private service industry ?

In private service industry, Property, Estate & Household  Management is about managing the resources and staff of a large property (or more properties in the case of multiple-property management). It is about managing assets and people, therefore it requires an extremely valuable wealth of knowledge, skills and experience.

The Household/Estate/Property Manager represents a truly executive role and it involves a great deal of skills: managing people and training staff; general business administration; information technology and security systems; care of arts, antiques and precious items; facilities and maintenance management; housekeeping and fine furniture; dining room service; guests relations and events organisation, etc. …

What is the role of a Household/Property/Estate Manager; Director of Property; General Manager of Property in private service industry ?

In private service industry, the Household Manager/Estate Manager/Director of Property or General Manager of Properties is the head of the household, the “CEO” of the “House Ltd”. The owners are his “shareholders”. By applying this metaphor drawn from Steven Ferry’s work, owners will set the correct foundation for a well-managed household and a productive working environment.

Having this concept in mind will help to understand what is required for a fully professionally serviced, organised, structured and well managed household: this is, a competent manager. With this state of mind owners should search for the right manager for their property/ies.

Organisational skills are the main core skills of a competent, qualified and experienced Household Manager. Here you have it.

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